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Family Office


Our main objective is to provide comprehensive services and to manage our Clients’ assets. We always tailor our offer to your individual needs, taking account the particular structure of your assets.

The range of our services includes the following:

  • Reporting – regular comprehensive reports on the status of your assets
  • Tax services – ongoing assistance and access to a tax advisor
  • Cash management – banking and financial transaction services
  • Document and data management – complete asset documentation in a single safe location
  • Watch-dog – assistance in investment supervision and management
  • Inheritance planning and succession

Besides our highly specialised services, we also offer basic corporate services. Depending on your needs, we can offer:

  • Sale of shares in shelf companies (registered and operational companies);
  • Virtual office;
  • Fiduciary services – Company representation by a management board member, commercial proxy or attorney in fact;
  • Accounting services for inoperative Polish entities;
  • Corporate secretary – day-to-day corporate services for Companies;
  • Additional services rendered by entities verified by us.

We look forward to doing business with you.


Our main objective is to provide comprehensive services regarding our Clients’ assets and to assist in the management of those assets. We are committed to providing you comprehensive assistance in managing various components of your assets in a single location – whether financial assets, real estate or companies incorporated in various jurisdictions. Our desire is to make Clients feel comfortable about the security of their assets and to assure them that any actions undertaken in respect of those assets are compliant with applicable legal or tax and accounting requirements.

We respect your time – by trusting us to care for your assets, you will be able to focus on what is most important to you. However,  we will always be contactable and at your disposal.

Offers tailored to your needs – we offer a full range of services, ranging from the simplest administration tasks to strategic consultancy and transaction services, but all of our services aim to secure your peace of mind and comfort.

Piotr Siekierski


Favor services

Reporting – periodic reports on the status of your assets
  • Have you ever forgotten about an old bank deposit?
  • Do you always calculate your expenditures on individual investments and their ROI rates?
  • Are you aware of the receipts and expenditures your assets will generate in the forthcoming year?

SSW's Family Office maintains a detailed register of each client’s assets and monitors any changes to those assets. On the basis of this register, we prepare reports that (if necessary) include the following:

  • Comprehensive statement of assets and any changes to those assets over time
  • Specification of investments expenditures on particular projects, calculation of ROI rates
  • Calculation of the market value of your assets
  • Forecasting cash flow within an individual client's assets portfolio

The format, content and frequency of reports are adjusted to meet your individual needs.
This data will constitute a valid source of information concerning the liquidity and geographical concentration of your assets, thereby facilitating further investment decisions.

Tax services
  • Have you considered the possibility of lowering your tax burdens?
  • Have you ever wondered how particular tax law amendments may impact on your assets?
  • Have you ever experienced a tax inspection?

In order to ensure the safety of your business in the field of tax law, SSW’s Family Office Clients are offered the ongoing attention of a dedicated tax advisor to assist you in tax planning and management within your assets portfolio.

This service includes:

  • support in clarifying ongoing tax uncertainties
  • quarterly analyses of your assets structure so as to plan and optimise your tax burdens
  • support during tax inspections or tax proceedings as regards legal/tax strategies developed and implemented by SSW Law Firm
  • providing up-to-date information on proposed tax law amendments that may impact on the tax status of your individual assets and proposing revised optimisation strategies.

SSW’s Family Office Clients are also offered attractive discounts on SSW Law Firm’s services regarding taxation and tax optimisation, in particular:

  • implementing tax optimisation solutions
  • preparing draft applications for an official clarification of tax regulations by the Ministry of Finance
  • analysing contracts to limit or eliminate tax risks
  • representing Clients before local administrative courts or the Supreme Administrative Court
  • advising during restructurings or acquisitions
Cash management – banking and financial transactions
  • Are you irritated by the need to collect various documents and undergo time-consuming procedures when opening a new banking or investment account?
  • Have you ever forgotten about an important bank transfer?
  • Do you think that entering your data when completing money transfers is a waste of time?

We realise how time-consuming and stressful relations with a bank can be. This is why, as part of our bank transaction handling service, we provide assistance in everyday dealings with your account at the bank of your choice. We complete all of the formalities involved in opening an account, we provide details of the most advantageous bank deposit accounts and we handle payments in electronic banking systems.

As part of SSW’s Family Office bank transaction handling service, we can:

  • Open, maintain or close your personal or corporate bank accounts
  • Update data provided to the bank in the event of a change to your Company’s name, address or method of representation
  • Open bank deposit accounts
  • Report on the balance of the bank account, generate account history files and bank statements
  • Prepare payments in banking systems
  • At your request, we can also sign and authorise payments from your bank account on the basis of a power of attorney granted by you
  • Communicate with the bank on your behalf
  • Submit and store bank records

Depending on your needs, we also assist you to open investment accounts, to conclude asset management contracts and to acquire participation units or investment certificates in open and close-ended investment funds.

Document and data management – complete asset documentation in a single location
  • Have you ever looked for an important document in vain?
  • Or perhaps the only copy was destroyed?
  • Have any of your confidential contracts ever been disclosed to unauthorised persons?

SSW’s Family Office takes responsibility for the full documentation of your asset portfolio and ensures that it is:

  • complete
  • catalogued in a clear and well-structured manner
  • properly archived
  • protected from destruction and unauthorised access

Each document is stored in hard copy and electronically. The electronic copy is backed-up.

In order to facilitate your access to the documentation, we provide you with a copy of the current digitalized archive on a portable storage device.

Watch-dog - assistance in investment supervision and management


Are you fully aware of the financial situation of the companies you have invested in?

Do you receive important information from the Management Boards of these entities?

Do you feel comfortable as minority shareholders?

The best specialists of SSW’s Family Office and Law Firm are at your disposal; they can become members of the Supervisory Boards of the entities in which you own shares. From this position, they can protect your interests and ensure appropriate shareholder supervision.

We also offer ongoing operational and financial monitoring of subsidiaries, as performed by our financial specialists. Based on information from the Management Board and key officers, we draft analyses of financial statements, management reports and key financial and operational indices for you.

At your request, we can audit selected areas or particular transactions.

Inheritance planning and succession
  • Is your family properly protected against unexpected unfortunate events?
  • Do you have a valid last will?
  • Have you developed a succession plan that applies to entities you control?

The services rendered by SSW’s Family Office are naturally complemented by the guarantee that your property and business will be smoothly transferred to you successors. Succession is unquestionably an important and complicated issue, but consideration of such issues is often delayed for some later time. It is worth settling such issues, however, to ensure the uninterrupted operation of your business and the security of your family.

We are able to offer our assistance regardless of your personal circumstances: when you have no natural successor able or willing to continue the business; when your desire to ensure the continuation of your business and retain your estate is endangered by the conflicting interests and aims of various successors; in circumstances where you wish to leave your estate to a group of successors other than those envisaged by the Polish Civil Code; and in numerous other complex situations.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions to:

  • assist you to prepare and periodically update your last will
  • develop a succession plan – based on your values, expectations, and priorities – and ensure that it is updated to reflect changes in your family, property, and business situations
  • provide optimum law and tax solutions to ensure the transfer of your property and business – with the use of private foundations and trusts.

Whilst we may have no influence on the date of our death, with proper inheritance planning and succession we can influence its financial, legal, and tax-related consequences and those concerning property management and family relations.


SSW’s Family Office services – corporate services

We realise that there may be numerous occasions, including sudden and unexpected ones, when you may be interested in basic corporate services, such as providing a registered office address. Accordingly, we offer the following services on the basis of a transparent pricelist.

Accounting services for inoperative Polish entities
  • Comprehensive accounting in accordance with the requirements of the Accounting Act
  • Tax settlements
  • Financial, tax, statistical reporting, reporting to the National Bank of Poland and management
  • Relations with government agencies, auditors, banks
Sale of shares in shelf companies (registered and operational companies)
  • Flexible deeds of incorporation
  • Registration in the National Court Register (KRS)
  • Minimum legally required capital
  • VAT ID (NIP) and statistical number (Regon)
  • Current accounting books and financial statements
Corporate secretary – day-to-day corporate services for Companies
  • Maintaining corporate documentation
  • Services for shareholders’ meetings
  • Company formation and winding-up
  • Registration and updates in the National Court Register (KRS)
Virtual office
  • Provision of registered office address
  • Handling incoming correspondence
  • Forwarding correspondence to an indicated address
  • Providing ongoing information regarding important correspondence
  • Fax and telephone line
  • Opening and maintaining company e-mail accounts
Fiduciary services
  • Company representation by a management board member, commercial proxy or attorney-in-fact
Additional services rendered by entities verified by us
  • Notary services
  • Investment consulting
  • Due diligence services
  • Financial auditing
  • Real estate market transactions
  • Recruitment services
  • Image building – PR strategies
  • Training (finance, law, taxes)




Wojciech Szczepaniak
Legal Advisor

Wojciech specialises in advising Polish and international institutional investors, banks, and venture capital funds in the areas of corporate law, investment fund law, and public trading in securities. He provides consultancy services for individual clients to create optimum structures that guarantee the safety of property succession by utilizing international private foundations and trusts. He is an active member of the International Bar Association and the International Fiscal Association.


Patrycja Goździowska
Tax Advisor

Patrycja Goździowska, a tax advisor, has considerable experience in providing tax advice to international capital groups and a wide variety of Polish businesses. She specialises in comprehensive tax services regarding mergers or acquisitions and she provides consultancy services regarding taxes, restructurings and the consolidation of capital groups. She provides consultancy services aimed at selecting tax-effective structures for businesses and in tax optimisation projects. She is an active member of the International Fiscal Association and the Tax Council of Lewiatan Confederation.


Piotr Siekierski
Director Family Office

Our expert in financial analysis and asset management. He graduated from Warsaw University of Technology and from University of Economics in Katowice, specialties: Economics and Management. Piotr developed his professional experience in international companies, including GP Battery and BEKO, where he was responsible for management reporting and maintaining adequate internal control.


Marek Oleńkiewicz
SSW Finance, Director

Marek focuses on financial analysis and asset management. He graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, Faculty of Finance and Accouting, and is a Ph.D. student at Koźmiński University. His research is concerned with non-cash transactions. He has the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) qualification. Marek eanred his professional experience in financial audit and transaction advice at EY and KPMG.


Małgorzata Jankowska
Certified Accountant

Within SSW’s Family Office, Małgorzata is responsible for providing Clients with accounting services. She holds a Minister of Finance license for providing book-keeping services. Małgorzata gained her professional experience in the Lux Med Group, ECC Holdings Poland, and Nestle Polska as an independent accountant and tax accounting expert.


Jolanta Głębowicz
Chief Accountant

At SSW Family Office, she is responsible for accounting support of our clients. She graduated from the School of Economics, the Faculty of Accounting and Finance. Jolanta earned here professional experience in Bank PKO BP,  and in such companies as ECC Finserwis and Hard Rock Cafe working as an accountant.


Monika Borek

At SSW Family Office, she is responsible for accounting support of our clients. She graduated from the Warsaw School of Economics, Faculty of Finance And Accounting, and holds a degree in administration from the Warsaw University of Technology. Monika gained her professional experience working as an accountant in Warsaw's accounting firms.