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Legal Alerts

We know the main assumptions of the draft law on the Polish „REIT” | Legal Alert

    Patrycja Goździowska  Maciej Duch  Agnieszka Pajurek 

The list of legislative works of the Council of Ministers contains the main assumptions of the new (another) draft law on the companies investing in lease of real estates (which should be the Polish equivalent of the so called REIT (Real...

Special residential law draft | Legal Alert


The Ministry of Investment and Development presented a draft version of the special law on facilitations in preparation and execution of residential and auxiliary investments. It constitutes a kind of revolution from the point of view of...

Cartel on the market of furniture boards | SSW Legal Alert

    Jakub Jędrzejewski  Filip Drgas 

According to the official information published on 28 December 2017 on the website of the Competition and Consumers Protection Office (UOKiK), the President of UOKiK issued a decision named “one of the most important decisions in the...

Important communication of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority concerning investment restrictions relevant to the investment funds market | Legal Alert

    Szymon Okoń  Katarzyna Jaroszyńska 

On 29 November 2017, the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) published an important communication concerning investment restrictions applicable to the investment funds market. The Polish Financial Supervision Authority...

UOKiK keeps close tabs on bid rigging | SSW Alert

    Jakub Jędrzejewski  Filip Drgas 

The Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK) has recently made public information about searches carried out at premises of entrepreneurs involved in road maintenance and construction in connection with the suspected collusion...

UOKiK investigates the clothing market | SSW Alert

    Jakub Jędrzejewski  Filip Drgas 

The President of the Polish Office of Competition and Consumer Protection (UOKiK or Regulator) has decided to extend the term of the merger control proceedings regarding concentration of Vistula Group and Bytom. According to UOKiK, in order...

Yesterday (September, 21st) the CETA agreement between Canada and EU came into force (in the scope not requiring full ratification by EU Member States)

    Piotr Spaczyński  Łukasz Karpiesiuk 

CETA is a free trade agreement between EU and Canada, its key element being tariff elimination/reduction. As of its entry into force, 98% of tariff lines (types of goods) have been made subject to duty-free trade between the parties...

More latitude for the organizers of the selective distribution system? | SSW Legal Alert

    Jakub Jędrzejewski  Filip Drgas 

On July 26th, 2017 the opinion of the advocate general of the Court of Justice of the EU on the high-profile case Coty Germany GmbH v Parfümerie Akzente GmbH (C‑230/16) has been delivered. The case concerns, among others, admissibility...

Private enforcement – a new institution for combating infringements of competition law | SSW Legal Alert

    Wojciech Jaworski 

As of 27 June 2017, every harmed person, be it an entrepreneur or a consumer, has obtained an instrument to counter market participants which engage in practices restricting competition. The pursuit of claims for compensation before civil...

Labour Law Alert – Presidental draft act to amend labour law provisions is already before the Polish Sejm

    Marcin Cetnarowicz 

On 1 June 2017, the President of Poland submitted to the Sejm a draft Act amending the Labour Code and certain other acts. The amendment concerns several important issues having a common theme, namely facilitating the exercise of...

Code of Administrative Procedure – The legislator introduces investment-friendly reform | SSW Legal Alert


The Polish Sejm is currently working on a draft amendment to the Code of Administrative Procedure (CAP). This is the last part of the legislative procedure (the Sejm considers the amendments proposed by the Senate and will refer the...

The end of anonymity for shareholders in Joint Stock Companies and Limited Joint Stock Partnerships with bearer shares – new responsibilities for management boards | Legal Alert

    Michał Badowski 

The Ministry of Justice has prepared an amendment to the Code of Commercial Companies which includes, among others, the compulsory dematerialisation of shares (i.e. replacing paper-copy bearer shares and registered shares with entries into...

ARCTIC - SSW becomes a member of the APPLICATE community

    Jakub Jędrzejewski 

We are  pleased to announce that SSW law firm has become a member of the APPLICATE community (an acronym from:  the Advanced Prediction in Polar regions and beyond: Modelling, observing system design and LInkages associated...

New mechanism of claim security against unreliable debtors – European Account Preservation Order | Legal Alert

    Wojciech Jaworski 

As of January 18th 2017 creditors have at their disposal a new institution securing their pecuniary claims. The European Account Preservation Order aims to facilitate debt recovery in EU Member States and should contribute to an increased...

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction keeps working on a Spatial and Construction Code | Legal Alert


The Ministry of Infrastructure and Construction keeps working on a Spatial and Construction Code (hereinafter referred to as the Code). The Code aims at providing for a complex regulation containing spatial (zoning) planning and construction....

The European Commission investigates the e-commerce sector | Legal Alert

    Jakub Jędrzejewski  Filip Drgas 

Last year, the European Commission (EC) launched an inquiry on e-commerce, which aims to gain knowledge of the characteristics of this sector in order to ensure the more effective enforcement of competition law. The recently issued...

Fewer obligations on data protection of sole traders | Legal Alert 24.05.2016

    Filip Drgas  Joanna Tomaszewska 

On 19th May 2016, the amendment to Poland’s Freedom of Establishment Act entered into force. In accordance with the new regulations, the provisions of Poland’s Data Protection Act (“DPA”) do not apply to such categories of sole traders’ (i.e. individuals conducting economic activities under their own name) data as are revealed in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (“CEIDG”). It seems that such a solution will be advantageous for data controllers who process sole traders’ data.

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How to vindicate claims more cheaply and quickly | Legal Alert

    Helena Czechowska  Janusz Mazurek 

The provisions of the act on payment terms in commercial transactions (the “Act”) introduce new attractive options for creditors as regards the vindication of claims arising from commercial transactions. The creditor...