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Akinkayode Robert Phillips featured in the “Business News”, Polish Radio Programme One.

On 25 July 2014, Akinkayode Robert Phillips was a guest of Radio One and commented on the government development programme addressed to small a medium-sized businesses, “New Opportunity Policy”.

Łukasz Cudny as lecturer at the Summer School for Assistants

On 11 July 2014, Łukasz Cudny was involved in a workshop organised by Langas Group in Warsaw. His presentation related to termination or dismissal of a plenipotentiary / commercial proxy.

Paweł Mardas as lecturer at the Summer School for Management Board and Supervisory Board Service Officers

On 10 July 2014, Paweł Mardas took part in the “Certified manager for management services and organisation of internal processes” training event organised in Sopot. Mr. Mardas presented a case study relating to the organisation and course of assemblies.

“Family, property, company. Talks about good succession” - meeting with family-owned businesses in Katowice behind us

On 26 June 2014, the second meeting relating to the THINKTANK initiative “Family, property, company. Talks about good succession” was held in Katowice. The SSW Law Firm is one of the partners of this event, during the workshops SSW representatives, i.e. Wojciech Szczepaniak, Paweł Chyb, PhD, and Angelika Rokicka-Buczek from the SSW Family Office, spoke about the key issues that emerge in the succession process and about questions that need to be addressed in that context. This time, the guests at the meeting were Jan and Agnieszka Łapaj from the Łapaj Group.

The next meetings will be held as early as September, this time in Wrocław, Warsaw and Gdańsk.   

The SSW Spaczyński, Szczepaniak & Partners Law Firm as one of the partners of the THINKTANK initiative “Family, property, company.”

The series of seven meetings for family-owned businesses “Talks about good succession” has been launched, with the first being held in Lublin on 24 June 2014. During the meetings, practical issues relating to succession are addressed, while the workshops part is designed to encourage interaction and exchange of experiences. In addition, during one of the sessions, participants have the opportunity to talk to owners of family-owned businesses, the senior and the successor, who have completed or are in the process of succession. In Lublin, the guests were Adam and Jacek Rozwadowscy from ENEL-MED Medical Centre.

During the workshops, SSW representatives, namely Wojciech Szczepaniak, Paweł Chyb, PhD, and Angelika Rokicka-Buczek from the SSW Family Office, spoke about the key issues that emerge in the succession process and about questions that need to be addressed in that context.      

This is the first educational project in Poland to address succession planning on such a wide scale. Other partners are Raiffeisen Polbank, Ipopema TFI and TU Europa. The initiative is related to the publication of a report which presents various aspects of the succession process in a family-owned business: those relating to business, law, taxes, but also psychological ones.

Dominik Strzałkowski and Barbara Koźbiał as lecturers during the “Contract in Energy and Gas Market in the Light of the New Energy Law and Current Problems” workshop.

On 12 June 2014, Dominik Strzałkowski and Barbara Koźbiał took part in the workshop held by MM Conferences, their speech referred to the transfer from complex contract to individual contracts.

Michał Badowski Joined the Group of Partners at SSW Law Firm

As the Partner, Michał Badowski will run the Corporate Law Department at SSW Spaczyński, Szczepaniak i Wspólnicy Law Firm. He specialises in commercial companies law. He is in charge of everyday issues of business entities, in particular establishing and liquidation of companies, increasing share capital or redemption of shares, as well as consultancy in the scope of negotiating share purchase and sale contracts and trade contracts. He has vast experience in conducting restructuring processes. As a part of his practice, he provided consultancy in the scope of developing complex internal regulations in the scope of corporate governance and audit of the applied solutions. He also provides counselling to Management Boards of companies in the scope of division of competence, responsibility and holding law. He has vast experience in conducting meetings of partners or shareholders of capital companies.

Another specialisation of Mr. Badowski includes mergers and acquisitions. He provided comprehensive counselling for Polish and international investors, including those listed on the stock exchange, in company acquisition projects.

He graduated from Warsaw University Law and Administration Department; a legal counsel and member of the Circuit Chamber of Legal Counsel in Warsaw.

Prior to his work at SSW Law Firm, as the partner, he was in charge of practice of company law and corporate governance at Wierciński, Kwieciński, Baehr Law Firm.

Filip Balcerzak as lecturer at the arbitration seminar “Transparency in international investment arbitration”

On 30 May 2014, Filip Balcerzak took part in a seminar organised by the Leon Koźmiński Academy and presented the issue of arbitration awards issued in investment cases in the context of the right to access public information.

Dominik Strzałkowski as lecturer at a conference of the Polish Wind Energy Association (PSEW)

On 28 May 2014, Dominik Strzałkowski delivered a lecture at the annual PSEW conference devoted to the so-called Small Energy Tri-Pack of laws relating to the renewable energy sources sector.

Anna Piotrowska as lecturer at the conference „The Hydrocarbons Law. Exploration and extraction of gas and oil in Poland”

On 21 May 2014, Anna Piotrowska took part in a conference organised by Adventure Consulting where she held a lecture on the new model of hydrocarbons exploration and extraction concessions.