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PL / EN / DE / FR

Competition law

We advise Clients on a wide range of issues concerning business operations in a competitive environment, in particular as regards concentrations of entrepreneurs, alleged abuses of a dominant position and anti-competitive agreements within a relevant market. Our competition law specialists also advise on issues connected with unfair competition practices (including forging products, misleading and comparative advertising) and consumer law.

Our objective is to ensure that our Clients’ planned business activities are lawful and that any proposed or undertaken transactions are equally compliant with national and EU rules. We place particular emphasis on the prevention of infringements of competition and consumer law and on reducing the negative consequences of such infringement for our Clients, whilst simultaneously taking account of their particular business requirements.

We represent Clients in proceedings before the Office for Consumer and Competition Protection and in possible appeal proceedings before the courts, both as regards cases where our Clients’ business activities are the source of investigation and where our Clients are aggrieved by the activities of other market participants.

Selected projects:

  • Representing the largest groups of energy companies during concentration proceedings on a national or international scale (including exterritorial concentrations)
  • Advising on the acquisition of a leading national polemical magazine by a competitive media corporation
  • Implementing antitrust compliance programmes
  • Conducting due diligence of associations, including entrepreneurs, and reviewing their operations in terms of compliance with competition law
  • Representing a company in proceedings concerning the alleged application of practices infringing collective consumer interests and in proceedings before the competition and consumer protection court concerning the alleged invalidity of certain contractual provisions contained in a standard-form contract
  • Issuing opinions on the possible infringement of competition law by an entity registering national internet domains at all levels, in its agreements with entities acting as intermediaries in the registration of such domains; representing certain intermediaries during negotiations in connection with the provisions of such agreements
  • Preparing a legal opinion concerning concentration proceedings related to the planned sale of a fourth general shopping mall in the centre of Poznań and representing the seller