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Planning of successions

When do questions of succession planning arise? They may arise, for example, when no natural successor exists who is able or willing to continue the business activity, or when striving to ensure the continuation of business operations and to retain cohesion of an estate in respect of which various heirs have divergent interests and life goals. Another incentive may be the desire to organise a defined group of successors in a manner other than that laid down in the Polish Civil Code, or a desire to build a lasting platform from which to secure a family’s financial position from a generational perspective. Given the individuality of each set of factual circumstances, such advice is very complicated and time-consuming, demanding an apposite approach.

During the succession planning process we develop a concept for the division of estate assets amongst heirs and we reorganise the assets bequeathed to heirs. This process also often involves the development and implementation of a concept for restructuring assets so as to ensure succession.

Selected projects:

  • Developing a strategy to most tax-efficiently divide the estate assets of a deceased Polish entrepreneur, worth over PLN 2 billion, amongst the heirs and to implement a strategy to reorganise assets allocated to certain of the heirs
  • Developing a strategy to divide the estate assets of a deceased Polish entrepreneur amongst the heirs, including various asset classes (including real property, portfolio investments and shares in companies controlled by the testator, located in foreign jurisdictions), having a value exceeding PLN 550 million, followed by the subsequent reorganisation of assets allocated to different heirs
  • Developing a tax-optimal strategy based on a revocable trust located in the Isle of Man and the transfer of funds to beneficiaries